Auramat® Method for Sport and Wellbeing

20 Maggio 2019
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Auramat® Method for Sport and Wellbeing

Simone Ripamonti, professional performance coach and Auramat® METHOD specialist, promotes a new model of training capable of countering the onset of overload injuries and preventing damage of indirect injuries that lead to a consequent removal from the sports practice of athletes in the evolutionary phase up to adulthood.

This unique method is also performed by young athletes with the aim to reduce the risk of injuries and promote neuromuscular facilitation.

The experimental project involved young athletes aged between 10 and 15 years from fencing sports clubs.

The goal was to make young athletes aware of the importance of proper growth through post-effort recovery strategies and correct prevention of overload injuries through the help of the Auramat® METHOD.

For future collaboration please contact:

Simone Ripamonti, CEO Auramat®
+39 3484715356


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