Top Training is a project that aims to enhance sports, tourism, and technology services by focusing on elite athletes and sports professionals. It evaluates and improves their performance during non-competitive periods and off-seasons.

Top Training encourages sports tourism by combining the holiday with services like functional assessment, performance improvement, mental and motivational strategies, updating sport-specific topics, respecting individual privacy, without giving up leisure time to relax with friends and family, and to maximize time dedicated to the individual’s well-being and prepare to start the new season at the Top.

Location: Sardinia
Period: June-July

Sardinia has a maritime Mediterranean climate, more accentuated along the coastal strip, due to its insularity and the reduced distance from the sea of every part of its territory. It is naturally temperate and is affected by its geographical position (in the center of the Mediterranean). In fact, the island is located right in the middle of the African coast on one side and the westerly winds come from the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. In winter the temperature is normally around 10° C, while during the summer it can reach and exceed 30° C. It is usually possible to spend a nice day at the beach (swimming included) from April to October.

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